CRCHI Makes A Hit With Its Underground Engineering Equipment On 2019 BICES


  2019 Beijing International Construction Machinery Exhibition & Seminar (BICES) was held in China International Exhibition Center (New Venue)from Sep. 4th to 7th. This session of exhibition, which coincides with the 70th anniversary of the founding of China, has special significance. 

   In the exhibition with a theme of “Buildingsuper underground engineering equipment, celebratingthe 70th birthday ofNew China”, CRCHI, a leading company in the construction machinery industry, participated in the show with its exhibition hall of 1200 m2 (the largest exhibitor in the underground engineering industry), and brought over 20 different kinds of products including tunnel boring machines, specialized tunneling equipment, rail track equipment, rail transit equipment, high-end agricultural equipment and coal mine equipment.

   What attracted audiences the most in the CRCHI show was the CRCHI super underground engineering equipment used in the super underground projects of high altitude and high risk.

  Meantime, the launch event of world's first 2-boom wet shotcreting machine was held in the show where CRCHI leaders and honored guests together unveiled this new product. 2-boom plateau type wet shotcreting machine is a large mechanized tunnel construction machine for concrete injection, which integrates functions of walking, pumping and shotcreting. It can be widely used in the supporting of large or super-large tunnels, wells and culverts in the fields of railway, highway, water conservancy, national defense, metallurgy and others with its strong adaptability, high injection efficiency, wide injection range, high safety performance, high reliability and low rebound rate. After the exhibition, this machine will be used to construct a railway tunnel on the plateau in the high and cold environment.

  On Sep. 5, CRCHI held a strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony for green building material equipment and coal mine industry with Yidian Holding Group Co., Ltd and Materials CO., Ltd of China Railway 15th Bureau group, with the signing amount reaching 1 billion yuan.

  The agreement allows three parties to make the 4 million tons/year aggregate processing project of Yidian Power Group a demonstration site through which their respective advantages and superior resources will be gathered to carry out the investment construction and operation of building materials, metal mines and the comprehensive utilization of river resources. In addition, they will carry out all-round cooperation in mining, real estate, finance and other industries.

  In recent years, CRCHI has independently developed personalized and customized high-end underground engineering equipment, successfully developed more than 50 sets of products to fill the blank of domestic market, realized the rapid growth of major economic indicators, and become a world’s leading mass-customization enterprise of underground engineering equipment and rail transit equipment .

      Launch event of word's first 2-boom plateau type wet shotcreting machine

                                                                                   Strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony