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Psychic Focus 2014-02-14

International Psychics of the Year!

International Psychics Directory and Find Your Psychic Directory is a truly global directory of the best, heart-based Psychics from all over the world. Our best psychics are chosen by you, the people, because of their ...





Health * Wealth * Happiness

Guide Posts

Navigating life’s road, with all its ups’n’downs is challenging, especially when we make the realization that we are in fact a spiritual being having a very temporary “earth” experience. So often we can lose sight of this truth and buy into all the petty ...





Exploring You! 2014-06-03

Insight into Pauline Beattie

 The lovely Pauline Beattie is our featured Psychic of the month. Pauline is a very talented lady and easily won our Spiritual Artist of the year (2013) with all the many recommendations and wonderful reports of h...






Welcome to a brand-new year! As we enter...

“Out of sight, out of mind” is a well-kn...

Subconscious belief in lack can take many forms in our...

The great Rudolph Steiner wrote about many aspects of ...

Power animals are spirit guides in animal form, valuab...

Sane Meditation Tips

There are a lot of notions and ideas aro...

Astrological Easter Eggs

  Every sign of the Zodiac has a p...

The first power tool I created came from a branch ...

I have been spending some time in a very remote ar...

Some people seem to have more positivity in their ...

  The very talented Elizabeth Fran...

  Amira Celon is our international...

  During my last Feng Shui visit to Far Nort...

What does it mean to become more conscious? It is ...

Tattoos are incredibly popular right now. There ar...

Editor's Note:

Welcome to

Find Your Psychics The Alternative e-zine

Welcome to July. In this edition we explore the sign of Cancer with a thoughtful article on this sunsign. We are also pleased to offer an indepth article on finding inner peace. After all, this is what we are all seeking, whether we know it or not. July is a time of holidays and festivals, so we hope you have a wonderful month. Keep checking back here because we are constantly uploading new articles and insights. We also have contributions from American Psychic of the Year, Joyce Jackson and others. We continue to feature each of our winning psychics and master-teachers in upcoming editions. You will also discover that our Directory and e-Zine read well on a tablet or a mobile/cell phone, so when ever you find yourself with time on your hands, just go to our e-Zine for an informative read of some very powerful information. Most importantly, sign on for our newsletter, check in with our facebook page for all the latest news! So please ENJOY!!!



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Niki Stewart
Niki Stewart Psychic Reader

Anna Robles Simon
Psychic Reader - Texas USA

Brett Vollus
Clairvoyant - NSW, Aust

Aleta Mason
Psychic - USA

Yvette Tamara
Clairvoyant - U.Kingdom

Shushila Devi
Crystal Healer - Singapore

Jeanette Jones
Clairvoyant Qld. Aust
Love * Laughter * Relationships

Soul-Mate Search

Have you met your soulmate yet? ......You may be looking high and low, yet you still can’t find that elusive partner. Wonder why he or she hasn’t materialized? Here are some possible reasons why that “one and only” hasn’t surfaced from among all those ...





Ancient Wisdom & Astrology 03-07-2014

Cancer Profile

Happy Birthday Cancer people! Your sign is the fourth sign of the zodiac. Those born under this sign are 'roots' kinds of people, who take great pleasure in the comforts of home and family. Cancers are maternal, domest...





Psychic Reviews

Psychically Speaking!

Thank you for choosing me as Psychic of the month and thank you to all my many clients who have given me so many truly lovely testimonials. I am truly blessed. I would like to share some of my psychic insights I have gleaned over the more than thirty y...





Feeling Stuck?

Are you feeling stuck? perhaps you feel&...

Power of Place

  The dwelling collects images, so...

This classic dog versus cat diary has been circulating...

  Many people want to know about our pets when t...

The past few months we’ve seen a number of calamities ...

Have you noticed how emotional you are f...

Signs and intuitive messages from animal...

Independence is Sagittarius' principle because the...

We are now in Scorpio time. As some of you know, w...

Libra is a powerful sign because is posseses  ...

Insight into Jeanette Jones

Our Queensland Psychic of the Year (2013...

Insight into Roseline Deleu

  Thank you, everyone for your par...

The new movie, Elysium has received mixed reviews ...

Blackfish tells the story of Tilikum, a performing...

In a world where everyone is promoting themselves ...

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