Lesley Crossingham
Spiritual Artist / Author

Jeanette Jones
Clairvoyant Qld. Aust

Lynne Caddick
Clairvoyant - U.K.

Adrienne Myers
USA Psychic

Shushila Devi
Crystal Healer - Singapore

Amira Celon
Psychic - Aust * Dubai * USA

Yvette Tamara
Clairvoyant - U.Kingdom

Award Winning International Psychics

International Psychics Directory and Find Your Psychic Directory is a truly global directory of the best, heart-based Psychics from all over the world. Our best psychics are chosen by you, the people, because of their dedication, talent and amazing acuracy.   Because our Directory is computer-driven it is a very simple operation for us to calculate which psychic has the most traffic, interest and feedback.   We also have a testimonial section on each of the Featured Psychic Listings.  The reader/client can add your comments and give your favourite psychic a "five star" rating. This "vote of support" allows others to discover their very own, personal psychic to help guide our lives and make positive choices in our lives.   We are pleased to announce our 2015 Awards -- selected by you. Please read more about our award winning psychics here!   ...





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